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Businesses today, must constantly monitor and control costs. Despite surges in the economy, consumers of products and services continue to be wary of purchasing. Additionally, they seem only to buy when the price is “right” and the value exceeds more than what they have received in the past. This new mindset has pushed down margins, lowered sales volume, and challenged everyone to achieve their goals with less.

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Business Expense Advisors is an industry leader in cost reduction for the small to medium size organization but takes this concept further with our unique contract monitoring service. Business Expense Advisors – Contract Monitoring   What makes us unique is we know that cost reduction is an ongoing process and lowering cost, though helpful, without a watchful eye will again slowly tick upwards. 


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Our client is a regional hospital with an affiliated medical practice network. The network grew as new practices were added over several years. Each practice brought with it various ongoing leases and contracts, vendors and suppliers. As the number grew, administrative costs also escalated, with the hospitals’ Accounts Payable department struggling to keep track of all the bills arriving from the practices.
Business Expense Advisors was brought in to address the issues. We began by learning all the various contracts, leases, and vendors across all the practices.   We made recommendations about consolidating vendors across the network, taking into account relationships and purchasing power the hospital already had, the number of practices sharing suppliers, and understanding the differences between a large centralized organization like the hospital and the satellite nature of the practices.  Office and medical supplies, portable water, document shredding, location cleaning services, postage, gowns and linens, copiers and printers were all standardized across the practices, at the best price possible. As old contracts expired practices were seamlessly added to established vendors. Consolidated bills replaced individual ones, cutting down on A/P work and allowing for better analysis of expenses for individual practices and the network.


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The family restaurant and all local establishments that make and serve food have been virtually assaulted the last few years with the increase in minimum wage, the increase cost of food and fast food convenience restaurants offering wider selections and delivery options. Though we cannot cure all these multiple increases which seem to be happening all at the same time, Business Expense Advisors can take many of the operational costs that are necessary to run this type of business and lower them.
We do it by systematically working with your present vendors and if necessary, introducing you to new ones that can provide the same or similar services at a better price point. What we know is that restaurants have many costs that can be manipulated in the area of operations that will not touch the menu options you offer but will definitely improve the cost that it takes to run the day to day operations.
We can lower utility costs, credit card merchant fees, table cloth and linen costs, internet, TV and landline costs, payroll processing costs and marketing costs. We do all our work on a contingency basis so the out of pocket costs for our services are only based on a percentage of the savings our efforts realize.
We are happy to meet with owners of food establishments to explain how we provide this service and the details on how we can improve your bottom-line results.


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One of our clients is a medium sized municipality with a mandate to reduce expenses. By partnering with Business Expense Advisors, the town government was able to take advantage of a full range of services and achieve that goal.

We began by meeting with the heads of all departments to review their contracts and budget line items. We gathered information on their current vendors, existing contracts, maintenance and service agreements. With these meetings Business Expense Advisors gained an understanding of the challenges facing the municipality as a whole and those unique to the individual departments.

What we discovered were several trusted relationships and long-standing contracts with service and maintenance vendors. However, many of these contracts had not been reviewed in several years. By doing what we do best, Business Expense Advisors was able to renegotiate contracts, lowering costs for the municipality and retaining those important relationships.

We also performed an audit of various services across departments. Because of our review processes, we were able to partner with the police department to take advantage of first responder programs and reduce costs on essential mobile communications platforms. With the IT department we were able to identify redundancies in landlines, reducing the number of lines, without impacting the public or the workings of the municipality. By gaining information from the Comptroller’s office we were able to review the town’s payroll services and, in this case, propose an alternate provider at a substantial saving. With our unique skill sets we identified and took advantage of special rebates and reductions to ongoing services such as cable and internet services.

To improve the day to day monitoring of services and billing, we assisted departments in taking advantage of online tools that many vendors offer. Many of these tools give customers the opportunity to monitor billing, initiate service requests, and track ongoing issues, making the staff more efficient at performing tasks.
Based on all the information we had gathered Business Expense Advisors also developed a database for continuous monitoring of costs. Important contract milestones, negotiated terms and vendor contacts are all organized to provide information for the ongoing process of cost reduction.

Business Expense Advisors was able to partner with the municipality, bringing our specialized knowledge and skills to reduce costs while allowing town employees to continue to focus on providing excellent services for residents.

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