The family restaurant and all local establishments that make and serve food have been virtually assaulted the last few years with the increase in minimum wage, the increase cost of food and fast food convenience restaurants offering wider selections and delivery options. Though we cannot cure all these multiple increases which seem to be happening all at the same time, Business Expense Advisors can take many of the operational costs that are necessary to run this type of business and lower them.
We do it by systematically working with your present vendors and if necessary, introducing you to new ones that can provide the same or similar services at a better price point. What we know is that restaurants have many costs that can be manipulated in the area of operations that will not touch the menu options you offer but will definitely improve the cost that it takes to run the day to day operations.
We can lower utility costs, credit card merchant fees, table cloth and linen costs, internet, TV and landline costs, payroll processing costs and marketing costs. We do all our work on a contingency basis so the out of pocket costs for our services are only based on a percentage of the savings our efforts realize.
We are happy to meet with owners of food establishments to explain how we provide this service and the details on how we can improve your bottom-line results.