About Us

The Company

Business Expense Advisors believes that today’s organizations often must outsource services to accomplish tasks that are administrative and can be better handled by companies that specialize in these services. Often, outsourcing these services, is more efficient because these applications and platforms are:

  • Only needed periodically
  • Used effectively as an overlay and foundation of the organization
  • Not the main core of the product or service that is provided.

We understand this and build our organization around making sure these outsourcing services work for you, within your budget, and within your needs. As employment costs continue to rise, finding the right staff to fit the right position becomes more difficult. Keeping general and administrative costs low is what we are well positioned to achieve for our clients.

Our services, detailed in our services section, revolve around cost reduction on recurring operational expenses. Our goal is to make sure these services provide the best in breed solutions at the most competitive prices available. Also, often times new programs and better solutions even from the same vendor are available and not promoted.

Business Expense Advisor’s expense reduction program caters to organizations that recognize savings on operational expenses plays an important role in long term profitability and sustainability. The program, that we use to provide savings, is a combination of our experience knowing what operational services should cost and a proprietary model that enables us to understand the market price for different types of services that organizations use to run their company.

Since we are confident that we will find savings, our fees are contingency based, meaning there is no out of pocket cost for our service until and when we find identifiable savings. We are completely transparent and provide easy to read “review of work” documentation that clearly states the contact we spoke to, the savings we found, and the date it will go into effect. There are never any questions as the savings are visible to all who want to view the work done.

With over 10 years in business consulting and 6 years working in the expense reduction field, we are quite qualified to provide this service without taking time away from projects that you or members of your team are involved in.

Head Advisor

Walter Goldman, the head advisor of our company, has owned and operated multiple related consulting businesses. He speaks regularly at different venues about the expense side of the ledger that is often overlooked. Revenue and opportunities are the driving forces of all entities. Keeping recurring expenses in check and making sure that an entity is not overpaying for services, is often the difference between profitability and losses. Though many organizations we engage are for-profit, often times we notice that most overpayments for services comes from mission based not-for-profit and government agencies that are formed to supplement or assist communities for the greater good.