Case Studies


Healthcare Case Study

Our client is a regional hospital with an affiliated medical practice network. The network grew as new practices were added over several years. Each practice brought with it various ongoing leases and contracts, vendors and suppliers. As the number grew, administrative costs also escalated, with the hospitals’ Accounts Payable department struggling to keep track of [...]


Restaurant Case Study

The family restaurant and all local establishments that make and serve food have been virtually assaulted the last few years with the increase in minimum wage, the increase cost of food and fast-food convenience restaurants offering wider selections and delivery options. Though we cannot cure all these multiple increases which seem to be happening all [...]


Municipality Case Study

One of our clients is a medium sized municipality with a mandate to reduce expenses. By partnering with Business Expense Advisors, the town government was able to take advantage of a full range of our services and achieve that goal. We began by meeting with the heads of all departments to review their contracts [...]

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