Contract Monitoring

Business Expense Advisors is an industry leader in cost reduction for the small to medium size organization but takes this concept further with our unique contract monitoring service. What makes us unique is we know that cost reduction is an ongoing process and lowering cost, though helpful, without a watchful eye will again slowly tick upwards. Our contract monitoring service is mindful of this, and on a monthly basis, monitors the vendor agreements for new services that are available and keeps in check the new cost basis that our cost analysis audits have uncovered. In addition, we also, at ongoing intervals, look for similar services that you are presently using with this vendor to see if other alternatives might be a better value.

Your agreements are password protected and easily accessible for you to view at any time through our portal on our Business Expenses Advisor website.

Our contract monitoring service can monitor as few as 5 vendors or as many as you have for a very attractive price, letting you get on with the business of driving new opportunities, knowing that you have someone watching your operational expenses at all time.