The Company

Business Expense Advisors believes that today’s businesses often must outsource service base organization to fulfill the skill sets that are needed to grow, build and stay current. Outsourcing these services make the most sense as  these applications and data sets are only needed periodically and the cost of employing full time help today with benefits, while staying competitive is harder than ever.

Our services, which are detailed in this site, revolve around cost reduction on recurring operational expenses like the ones discussed above to make sure that these services are providing the best in breed solutions at the most competitive prices available. Also, often times new programs and better solutions even from the same vendor are available and not promoted by the present vendor.

Head Advisor

Walter Goldman, the head advisor of our company has owned and operated multiple businesses. He speaks regularly about the expense side of the ledger that is often overlooked. Though revenue and opportunities is the driving force of all entities, keeping recurring expenses in check and making sure that an entity is not overpaying for services is often the difference between profitability and losses.  Though many organizations we engage to assist are for-profit, we often times notice the most neglect comes from mission based not-for-profit and government agencies that are formed to supplement or assist communities for the greater good.