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Expense Reduction

Businesses today, must constantly monitor and control costs.  Despite surges in the economy, consumers of products and services continue to be wary of purchasing.  Additionally, they seem only to buy when the price is  “right” and the value exceeds more than what they have received in the past. Learn more…


Contract Monitoring

Business Expense Advisors is known as an industry leader in cost reduction for the small to medium size organization but takes this concept further with our unique contract monitoring service. What makes this unique is we know that cost reduction is an ongoing process and lowering cost, though helpful Learn more…

Social Media Management

Business Expense Advisors understands that well run businesses must keep expenses in check and make sure that every profit dollar is used wisely. We also understand the good business is more than just expenses reduction but must also include new business creation and incremental sales to existing customers. Learn more…

The Program

iconThe Business Expense Advisor affiliate program is a simple concept. Give the affiliate the tools to open the door to new clients with the right services and let him do what he does best. Once you saved the client money and exposed him to new opportunities, adding your skills is easy and a natural progression to being a trusted advisor for all your client’s business needs.

Case Studies

Bottled Water Case Study

A client of ours had two bottled water dispensers in their location, and used an average use of 8 bottles per month.  They were paying $8.00 for every 5- gallon bottle

Merchant Service Case Study

A client of ours was processing an average of $20,000 per month in credit payments.  Their discount rate was 2.75% and their non-compliant surcharge

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